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Out today in both Kindle and paperback formats. Return to Turtle Beach is the new novel from Richard Clark, author of The Lost Lyra.
Following the break-up of her parents’ marriage, a young girl is forced to leave the island of her birth. Returning to Crete for her father’s funeral she discovers feelings she thought she had lost. An unexpected discovery in an olive grove takes her on a journey that will change her life forever.

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Return to Turtle Beach

An extract from my new novel Return to Turtle Beach (out this spring).
‘Taking Popi by the hand he led her towards a roadside fountain which pooled into a stream. Here some steps led up to a glade in the shade of the forest trees. Beneath a waterfall which fell from the mountainside a small stone chapel stood, outside of which the tables and chairs of an outdoor taverna were spread. In the stream which ran through the taverna, watermelons sat cooling in the mountain waters and in the shade of the hillside cauldrons of food bubbled on open fires.’

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The Lost Lyra

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Richard debut novel released in February 2019 quickly reached No1 in the Amazon Greek Travel charts where it dominated for more than 2 months.

Praise for The Lost Lyra

‘This book was so enjoyable and having some familiarity with Crete helped a little but the book is so addictive you are journeyed through the beautiful island and cannot fail to feel the magic. I always say Crete is like going to heaven without having to die first, read this wonderful book and you will understand exactly what I mean.’ Monica on Amazon

You cannot imagine to what depths your book reached into my inner being. What joy and feelings of yearning to be present to hear the music of the lyra. Thank you for a totally satisfying book. Alexandra on Amazon

Crete titles on offer

Live life on the edge. Summer may be a distant memory but here’s something to cheer your day. All four of Richard Clark’s best-selling stand alone books about Crete (‘Crete – A Notebook, Hidden Crete, More Hidden Crete, Eastern Crete’) are on offer for Kindle readers for .99p each (or equivalent) from your relevant Amazon store for a limited period only. Why not grab yourself a piece of these ‘beautifully written evocations of Crete’ today.Life on the edge

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Special Offer – For 1 day only my latest book Eastern Crete is for sale for Kindle for .99p (or equivalent in USA) from Amazon outlets.
‘Thank you Richard Clark for an enjoyable, interesting and informative read!’

‘Richard Clark has an engaging writing style allowing you to enjoy Crete through his eyes.’

‘Richard Clark brings a fresh approach, and gives more detail while encouraging your own exploration.’

‘Richard Clark tells you the facts as he tells you the story of his time and adventures in Eastern Crete, a wonderful mix.’

‘Written with his extensive experience of the island, he shares with us his life and adventures with a keen sense of beauty, place, and appreciation for eastern Crete.’