Crete – A Notebook Offer

Until 17 May, on special promo at Amazon is the second edition of Crete- A Notebook on sale at a knockdown price (.99p in the UK) for Kindle in both the United Kingdom and United States. Having reached the No 1 slot of books about Greece sold on Amazon on both sides of the Atlantic each year since it was published, if you haven’t read this ‘entertaining travelling companion’ why not give it a go.

Special Offer

I have just sent the manuscript for Eastern Crete off to the editors, always a nervous time. To celebrate, Hidden Crete – A Notebook is on offer for a limited time at .99p (or equivalent) for Kindle readers from Amazon. Shares, reviews, page likes all most welcome. I really hope you enjoy.

Spring Offer

‘Thanks Richard for adding your great eye to your gifted pen in service to sharing the essence of Greece with the world.’
Jeffrey Siger
Despite my car being buried under a snowdrift, in some circles it has been declared spring! To celebrate, my travelogue Crete – A Notebook is on special offer on Amazon at .99p in the UK or $1.38 in the USA for Kindle readers from today until next Thursday (7th March). If you have read the book and enjoyed it a share with friends who might like it would also be much appreciated.