The coastal village of Myrtos could be easily missed, and is missed by most people, which gives it a somnolent appeal. On first appearance it seems that the village has sat here in this crescent shaped bay, sheltered from the more excessive attentions of the winds that can blow in anger along this part of the south coast, for eternity. In fact what we see now has been built since the Second World War. The participation of locals in resistance against the Germans saw homes razed to the ground in revenge, an act of barbarism so favoured by those moulded by the doctrine of hatred that pervaded the time. The peaceful narrow lanes and traditional low-rise buildings are surrounded by gardens that stay in bloom for much of the year in a temperate climate that rarely drops in temperature below 12 C. The village is a serene tribute to the bravery of its former residents and a beacon of hope that the generous and hospitable people of Crete will never experience such brutality again.


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