Windmills of Elounda

Windmills of Elounda.jpg

Disused windmills stand sentinel at the island side of the stone bridge in the area now known as Poros. Without their sails they look as though they have been rooted to this spot for all time. Belying their appearance, they were built in the 1920s as flour mills for the local population of Elounda. On the canal a couple of pleasure boats are moored up alongside small caiques, their crews no doubt enjoying a late lunch at Kanali, the wonderful fish taverna perched on the bank of the waterway. It stirs memories of sharing with family and friends a wonderful starlit meal, a huge platter of glistening bream, large pink prawns, crispy fried squid, salty sardines and anchovies washed down with the driest and sharpest of golden wine from iced carafes.

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