Potamon Dam

potamon dam .jpg

Befitting this splendid location looking down on the lake, the chapel itself was pristine, belying the unkempt nature of this little churchyard surrounded by a rusting wire fence. We try the door and it is open. The light rushes in to fill in the shadows, reflecting off an array of tama hanging on ribbons from hooks and poles near the icons on the walls.
Tamata are small metal plaques, most made of tin but some of more precious metals. Embossed on these are images of feet, hearts, eyes and wedding crowns. Symbolic of any condition or other subject of prayer, the tamata are votive offerings. Frequently seen in Greek Orthodox churches they are offered up as a reminder to the saints of the plight of the faithful, or as a thank you for being blessed.
With the door shut, the tamata twinkle in the light reflected from the votive candles burning by the entrance. Leaving the church the light once more exerts itself. Looking up to the mountains a Griffon Vulture hovers, suspended on its giant wingspan, high above Patsos Gorge to the south.

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