Rhodes: A Perfect Panorama

Tambika beach.jpgWe were to return to Tsambika sooner than anticipated but, I have to admit, not at first to visit the icon of the Virgin. That same day travelling back from Kolimbia to Lindos along the coast road we felt in need of some refreshment, particularly in the form of ice cream. Just past the road for Tsambika beach we turned off at a sign advertising the Panorama Taverna. What a find! We would not usually have stopped at a restaurant beside a main road but, set back from the traffic, this hidden enclave with its tables laid out beneath a pergola entwined with a mature vine, is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy whatever takes your fancy.
Overlooking the rocky hillside that slips away to Tsambika beach, with the sea we had so recently been fishing in the distance, we indulged our whim with a wonderful bowl full of ice cream and fresh fruit. Since then we have returned many times to dine there and have never been disappointed. In the evenings as the sun goes down under the twinkling lights nestling in the vines above, with the smells of the herbs used to brush the delicious fish and meat cooked over the coals on the outside barbecue, here is a secret most tourists do not know about but many Greeks do, as it is frequently full.

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